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Al Mobidoon

ERP Software

AL MOBIDOON PEST CONTROL SERVICES use Odoo ERP as a part of service delivery methodology. Description and detail of system and utilise to enhance performance. The details are described in below,

Operations Management (Services and Tasks)

  1. Contract
    1. Creation
    2. Renewal list
    3. Invoices Against Contract
    1. Jobs Tracking
    2. Invoices
    1. Prepare contracts for long term pest control and cleaning jobs.
    2. Contracts
    3. Individual Customers
  2. Schedule Tasks based on the periodic site visits made by the workers.
  3. Maintain timesheets of the employees to record the timing of providing the service.
  4. Identify the type of services provided in the task sheet.
  5. Track the chemical usage for the particular job.
  6. Task Scheduling
  7. Service Team Info
  8. Chemical Usage
  9. Complaints, Issues, Follow Ups
  10. Pest Found Report
  11. Infestation Level Chart
  12. Area of Treatment
  13. Type of Treatment
  14. Recommendation
  15. Monitoring Sheet with Graph
  16. Device locator Map
  17. Document Attachment on Services
  18. Responsible in Customer
  19. Inspection

Customer Portal.

  1. Access for Premium Customers with limited access.
  2. Access such as View the task status.

Device Monitoring.

  1. Maintaining Device Registry.
  2. Monitoring Devices Supplied at client locations.


  1. Customer Management With Multiple Locations.
  2. Prepare Quotations.
  3. Sending Quotes By Mail.
  4. Connected with Other modules such as CRM, Accounting and Inventory.


  1. Suppliers Management with Multi Locations
  2. Getting Prices from different Vendors
  3. Connected with Other modules such as CRM, Accounting and Inventory


  1. Chart of Accounts
  2. Customer and Supplier Invoices Analysis
  3. Statement of Accounts
  4. Receipt and Payment Reports
  5. Due Payments
  6. Trial Balance
  7. Balance Sheet
  8. Profit and Loss
  9. Customer and Supplier Aging Report
  10. Accounting Ledger Report
  11. Bank Reconciliation
  12. PDC Report
  13. Recurring Entries


  1. Products Management (Stockable, Services and Consumables)
  2. Enabled With Stock Accounting

HR & Payroll

  1. Employee Details
  2. Expiry Dashboard
  3. Salary Computation and WPS Generation
  4. Employee Loans, Leave Management
  5. Integration with Time Attendance Machine

Generic Features

  1. Discuss: Communication Among Departments, Sales Teams & Individual Users
  2. Calendar: Schedule Tasks, Site Visits Meetings through Calendar
  3. CRM: Track your Leads, Manage the Sales Team and Pipeline
  4. Documents Management: Attach Documents Along with Any Records
  5. Advanced Search & Filters: Filter records with any data, Grouping the Information
  6. Extracting Real-time Analysis Reports with Excel and PDF
  7. Logging Activities and Scheduling Follow Ups.

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