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Al Mobidoon

Pest Control

Our Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM)

(IPM) is a decision making-process that anticipates and prevent pest activity and infestation by combining several strategies to achieve long term solutions.



We offer our clients training courses & work shops about Basic pest control knowledge and hygiene procedures before and after each treatment.

From our routine visit to the site we will provide our clients with the current pests problems and the cause of the problems, this involvement and participation by our clients helps and ensures an effective Integrated Pest Management program.


Special reporting system (SRS) to be done by a registered and certified technician who will thoroughly inspect your premises for areas that could be the source of the pests growth, and includes the recommendation to improve the deep cleaning level.


Pest infestation most of the time could be controlled by keeping the premises well maintained.


Al Mobidoon adopted the use of the biological material e.g Insect Growth Regulator (I.G.R) and the mechanical control by using glue traps, snap traps, water traps with food attractant.

Rodents Glue Trap Snap Trap Rat cage Cockroach Trap Flay Trap


When we implement all the four phases of the Integrated Pest Management, the quantity and the frequency of the pesticides applications as needed for effective pest control program will be reduced.

Guidelines about our Pest Control Procedures:

  • We always begin with a full inspection of the premises.
  • Followed by placing traps as a monitoring system to identify what kind and species of the pest problem, and to know as well the infestation level. Only afterward, we can decide what type of treatment should be applied to ensure 100% pest free premises. Then traps to be placed as a early warning system.
  • Our signs system, guides and assists our technicians to do immediate check up and read the traps and accordingly to carry on the work with an effective treatment. Also for cleaners to aware not to touch, disturb or throw away traps/baits as (monitoring system) as it will fail the purpose of good pest management programming.
  • Special Reporting System (SRS) from our routine visits to the premises we will provide our client a written technical report with the following in formations:
    1- Date of the application.
    2- Current pests problems.
    3- Materials and techniques that have been used.
    4- Preventive procedures (goods reception procedures, building status, hygiene level.)

The accumulated records will plot the effects of any control Measures, supported by charts.