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Al Mobidoon

Pavement Ant Ants

The pavement ant is dark brown to blackish, and 2.5–4 mm long. Like other ants there are the workers, alates, and a queen. Alates, or new queen ants and drones, have wings, and are at least twice as large as the workers.

The drone's only job is to mate with the virgin alates, and reproduction is at its highest in spring and summer. Tetramorium, like many other ants have nuptial flights where drones fly high up in the air and mate with new queens. The dealate, or newly fertilized slate, finds a suitable nesting location and digs a founding chamber called the clausteral chamber/cell. As the eggs hatch and the ants develop they will spend that time, about two to three months, tending to the queen of their colony. They will continue helping in the colony until they are a month old.

Older workers hunt and defend the colony. They will eat almost anything, including insects, seeds, honeydew, honey, bread, meats, nuts, ice cream and cheese. The pavement ant serves as host to the ectoparasiticTetramorium inquilinum.


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Using Ant Gel Bait Using Insect Growth Regulater (IGR)