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Al Mobidoon

Sticky fly string 400M Glue Traps

Sticky fly string 400M

Usage: for use to capture flies of different species in closed spaces such as farm buildings, stables, or greenhouses. (Stomoxys calcitrans, Musca domestica, Lucilia sericata, Calliphora vicina, Fannia canicularis , ...) Flies prefer to and on surfaces with clear-cut edges, which makes the string highly effective against those annoying insects. The product dramatically reduces the number of flies in a short time. The glue coated surface is resistant to temperatures up to 50°C and the glue does not run down. Deployment it is recommended to examine the room to be treated and determine permanent fixing points for installing the string. It is a recommended practice since, after the entire adhesive surface is covered with captured insects, another length of string needs to be unrolled and attached. The number of fixing points is not specific and should depend on the number of insects. For larger amounts, the string can be deployed as a cobweb. It is recommended to set the fixing points in the upper ports of facilities, out of the reach of children.

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